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As of right now I am Not seeing clients as we have moved to the western slope of Colorado. I am enjoying my retirement & doing some personal
energy/balancing work. In the future I hope to be doing some energy clearing/stress relieving classes over here on the western slope. I will keep you all
apprised of any classes that come up in the future. Thank you all for the well wishes & positive feedback that you have shared. It is much appreciated.
I wish you all the very best as you continue on your healing journey.   With Great LOVE & LIGHT, Namaste!  Sharon E. Withers, CRM, CTTP


The winds of change blew for me & I have now found myself on the western slope of Colorado after 48 years in the Denver area. The western slope has
been in my thoughts for over 25 years & the time is finally here. I am now settling into a new place, ready for new adventures. I am meeting new people
in my community & listening to how the Universe is seeing me in best service here.

Are you ready to start peeling away the layers of trauma & heaviness that have weighed you down, kept you stagnant & stuck physically, emotionally &
Are you feeling out of balance?
Are you feeling energetically stuck, overly stressed, filled with anxiety?
Do you feel unusual aches or pains in your body?
Do you feel overwhelmed; being pulled in too many directions?
Are you dealing with health issues or medications that are giving you side effects?
If you answered YES to any of these, I am here for you.
If you have been wanting to make changes in your life, to start peeling away the layers of old patterns, thought processes or emotional co-dependency
that no longer fit for who you know you really are now or can Be, I would be honored to be of assistance to you on your awakening journey.
Through various energy alignments you will begin to strip away that which has held you down & create new neural pathways so you begin to soar,
Mind-Body-Soul.  You can do this, & you will never walk the path alone.
The healing of our mind, body, & soul keeps our bodies energetically aligned so we are able to think more clearly, our body is able to ward off diseases
more efficiently & our spirits soar as our creativity is awakened. We are able to release stress & anxiety, reduce pain, worry & clear karma.  If you are
ready to go deep within to release the heavy, negative energy that is holding you back from being YOUR best, I am ready to be of assistance.
I appreciate each of you, thank you, & would feel very honored to be allowed to be a part of your energetic awakening journey.  Namaste!

MIND-BODY-SOUL ALIGNMENT SOUND BATH CLASSES: Per Person: $15 (cash only for classes) Maximum 12-15 participants)
These classes are 60-90 minutes long, depending on how many participants are in attendance. They include Reiki, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Chakra
opening/clearing through guided visualization. The class finishes with grounding each person individually & bringing up protective white light from Mother
Earth as we connect with her energy & Universal Life Force energy to bring our bodies back into alignment, Mind-Body-Soul.  There will also be handouts
given to take with you.  Hopefully you will be able stay a bit at the end to visit & make friends with like-minded people.

If you would be interested in having one of these classes with your friends (8 minimum) at your location in the Cedaredge or surrounding area, please give
me a call to see when we can schedule.  
END OF LIFE TRANSITION GUIDE: $20/hr (local area: Cedaredge, Delta, Hotchkiss, Austin)      (Cash or checks only)
I am available to come to the local hospital, hospice, or nursing facility to provide soothing Reiki, specially written guided visualizations, comfort &
guidance as transition is made from this world.
If your loved one is able to converse & knows the time is near for their transition, I can come talk to them openly about how they can proceed in those
last moments so their fear is lessened & family present can feel more at peace with the process. The Circle of Life is a natural event & when we can
remove some of the fears, the transition process can be more gentle & peaceful for everyone in attendance.
If you would like more information or have questions, I welcome your call at 720-261-2412.

Reiki & Mind-Body-Soul Energy Alignment sessions are not to be used in place of traditional medical protocols. They do work very well in conjunction with traditional
western medicine protocols, counseling/therapy sessions, & acupuncture. There is more information on the many benefits of Reiki at my "Information" tab.

Please feel free to share my information with friends & family you know, love, & care about.
If you have wondered if Reiki, Tuning Fork/Singing Bowls Sound Therapy, Chakra balancing, Tao Energy Clearing & Therapeutic Touch could
help someone as they go through chemotherapy/radiation or you know someone who is struggling with stress, anxiety, pain, recovering from a heart attack or emotional
trauma - I would be honored to be of assistance to them!  I can even go to them in the hospital.
Also, if you know of someone who is dealing with the loss of a loved one, please share with them as well.  They are just as much in need of energy clearing/alignment to get
through this difficult time. I am always happy to assist in any way that I can on your personal healing journey.
If there are cancer, veterans, or any other support groups that you know who might be interested in having me work with them through my Mind-Body-Soul Alignment
Sound Bath classes, please contact me or pass on my information to them.  I am always looking for ways that I can assist those in need on their personal journey.
May we all open our hearts & minds to welcome new thoughts & perceptions so we may continue to grow & evolve into our true & unique Greatness. Thank you all for your
continued support and referrals. I am grateful & honored to be of service to your friends & family on their personal journey. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

The words that I live by, passed down to me from my dad:
"There are no strangers in the world, only friends I have yet to meet."

NAMASTE my friends!
Sharon E. Withers, CRM, CTTP
(Free Spirit Walking)

                                                          Hope & Love will always find a way to light up the darkness...
                                                 It's just up to us to open the door & invite them in.


                                                                                                Always remember -
                                           It's not what you look at that really matters, it's what you actually see!
                                                                                                by Henry David Thoreau
                                   The eyes may be open but is the mind closed? Imagine all the beauty within & outward you may be missing through a closed mind


Allow me to assist you on your personal journey by assisting you in clearing energy blockages so your body can be more open to healing itself, connecting with your Higher Self and assisting you with connecting to Source life-force
energy.  By using alternative energy alignment techniques, which emphasize wellness of the "whole" person, MIND-BODY-SOUL, I assist you, through energy work & other energy clearing & alignment modalities to relieve Stress,
Anxiety, pain, promote inner calmness & awakening. You will also begin to be able to clear away the stuck energy that has been holding you back from being your true, authentic self, by clearing away negative thoughts, beliefs &
old patterns of behaviors at an energetic, cellular level.

If you are struggling with any of the following you may find it very beneficial to receive Reiki life-force energy work & seek counsel of my services:  
  • Stress - Anxiety - Insomnia - Migraines - Emotional Co-Dependency - Hypertension - Fibromyalgia
  • Depression - Cancer Chemotherapy/Radiation Side Effects - Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - Arthritis - Early Alzheimer's
  • Pre/Post Surgical Procedures  - Other ailments or just need time to relax, re-center & balance.

When you have a session with an experienced Reiki Master you are opening yourself to Universal Life Force Energy that helps you re-connect to your true higher self.  The stress, toxins & negative energy that has accumulated as
memories, that are being held in every part of your body including down to the very cells, begins to fall away & you once again feel the doors opening to more confidence, creativity, calmness & wholeness, MIND-BODY-SOUL.  
copyright 2009
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Helping you live more energetically aligned, MIND-BODY-SOUL!
What lies before us & what lies behind us are all small matters compared to what lies WITHIN US. And when
you bring what is within, out into the world - Miracles Happen!                  by Henry David Thoreau