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What is Energy Cleansing?

There may be times when you move into a different home or office and just
feel uncomfortable or uneasy there, but you can't quite put your finger on
anything tangible to explain it.  Then there may be other times when you
will know exactly why you feel uncomfortable, someone has died there, or
was very ill for a long period of time or there were a lot of stressful
situations in the space.

If you feel this way about your home or office, don't worry, you are not alone
and it's not your imagination - it's all because of the lingering negative
energy that has collected there over the years.

Why you feel this way is not nearly as important as what you can do about it
so you feel more comfortable and at ease again.  The solution would be to
have a space cleansing.  This isn't the same as space clearing where you get
rid of your clutter, but if you have a lot of clutter it can be very beneficial
for you to clear it out, because it can harbor that negative energy from past
situations, also.

Space cleansing will clear away all the past heavy, negative energy that has
built up over the years so you can live more comfortably in your home or
office and then allows a more positive, light energy flow to fill the space and
flow freely.  Over time, without clearing out that heavy, negative energy it
can impact your health, career, finances, and even cause depression as it
continues to build up.

Once you have had the space cleansed, you also need to cleanse yourself.  If
you work in a very stressful environment and you are constantly bringing
that type of energy home it's important to clear it from yourself on a regular

You can do this in different ways.  You can soak 2-3 times a week in a
relaxing bath with sea salt or use a sea salt scrub in the shower.  I also can
provide relaxation techniques using therapeutic grade essential oils, Reiki,
Therapeutic Touch and Chakra balancing to release the stress and
negativity from your body.  I provide personal relaxation sessions that are 90
minutes of pure bliss.  You can read more about these sessions on the home

If you find that your work environment or your home situation will continue
to be bombarded with this heavy, negative energy it would be very
beneficial to have a space cleansing about every 3-4 months so the energy
flow can stay more positive, light and creative.  I can provide bundled
packages for you, after the first cleansing, to evaluate what your true needs
would be in your individual situation.  My main objective is for you to be able
to live a more comfortable and relaxing life in your home or office.  

If you have further questions I hope you will contact me by email or phone
so we can discuss your needs.  


What is Creative or Guided Visualization?

Most of us have used visualizations all of our lives, but mostly in an
unconscious way.  Because of our deep-seated negative concepts about
life, we have automatically, and unconsciously, expected and imagined
Lack, Limitations, Difficulties, and Problems to always be a part of our
lives.  But it doesn't have to be that way at all.
We can use our creative visualization abilities in a more conscious and
positive way to create what we TRULY want - like Love, Fulfillment,
Enjoyment, Rewarding work, Self-expression, Health, Prosperity, Inner
Peace and Harmony - whatever you desire.  The use of creative
visualization gives us a key to tap into the natural goodness of the great
bounty of what life has to offer, if we are open to receive.
In creative visualization you use your mind to create a clear image of
something you wish to manifest.  Be specific, be emotional about how
you will FEEL with the goal realized and how it will BENEFIT you and
others around you. Then take ACTION to work your way towards
manifestation.  You continue to focus on that idea or make a picture
board where you can view it regularly, giving it POSITIVE ENERGY each
day until it becomes a reality.  Your goal may be on any level - Physical,
Emotional, Mental or Spiritual.  Always have the feeling in yourself that
your image or goal IS POSSIBLE, and see it as if it is already happening.
If you have limiting beliefs that you can's see how it will ever happen
then it won't. You have to address your limiting beliefs first and let go of
those for you to be able to make your dream come to fruition. You can
repeat the simple exercise often throughout your day, or at least 2-3
times a day to help get your mind working on a positive goal you want to
see happen in your life.  If you are truly Sincere in your desire and
intention, and truly open to change, you will soon find the changes
coming into your life.  Always be open to the many possible ways that
your goal may come about, as it may come in a totally different way than
you expected. It is not up to you on HOW it will happen.
To use creative visualization it's not necessary to believe in any
metaphysical or spiritual ideas or any power outside yourself.  The only
thing necessary is that you have the desire to enrich your knowledge
and experience, and an open enough mind to try something new in a
positive spirit.  So, study the principles, try the techniques with an open
mind and heart and then judge for yourself whether they are useful to
you.  But most of all be PATIENT, as we are always wanting instant
gratification.  We have to allow time for these changes to happen and if
you allow the time it may take for things to happen it will probably exceed
anything you could have originally dreamed.  
Creative Visualizations involve understanding and aligning yourself with
the natural scientific principles that govern the workings of our
Universe.  By learning to use these principles in the most conscious and
creative way to better your life, you can learn to create what you truly
There are several interrelated principles that are helpful to know about
and understand:
Even though things appear to be solid and separate from one another on
the level that our physical senses perceive them, at atomic and
subatomic levels they are actually smaller particles within smaller
particles, which eventually turn out to be just pure energy.  We are all
part of one great energy field, so we are all connected as ONE, even in a
literal, physical sense.
But these energies vibrate at different rates of speed so they can be
affected by one another, like water can effect rock over time, so it shows
us even more that all forms of energy are interrelated.
One law of energy is that energy of a certain quality or vibration tends to
attract the same type of energy back to it.  Thoughts and feelings have
their own magnetic energy which attracts energy of a similar nature.  A
simple example of this is when you are thinking about someone a lot that
you haven't seen in a long time and then they call you.
Thoughts are a light, mobile form of energy.  When we create something
it always starts out as a thought and then is followed by the
manifestation.  The idea is like a blueprint; it creates an image of the final
form you want it to have, which then magnetizes and guides the energy
to flow into that form until it becomes a reality.  The same will hold true
even if we don't take direct physical action to manifest our ideas.  Simply
having an idea or thought, holding it in your mind is an energy which will
tend to attract and create that form in real life.  So in the end, your
thoughts will become your reality.  Make sure you keep those thought as
positive as possible.
This is the law that whatever you radiate out into the universe will be
attracted back to you.  What this means from a practical standpoint is that
we ALWAYS attract into our lives whatever we think about the most,
believe in most strongly, expect on the deepest levels, and/or imagine
most vividly.  
So if we are basically positive in attitude, expecting and envisioning
happiness, success, abundance and satisfaction in our lives, then we will
attract the people, situations and events which conform to our positive
expectations.  So the more positive energy we put into imagining what
we want, the more it begins to manifest in our lives.
But the process of change doesn't occur on superficial levels through
mere "positive thinking."  It involves taking a good, hard look at our
deepest, most basic attitudes towards life.  That's why it can become a
process of deep meaningful growth.  We can sometimes even discover
ways that we have been holding ourselves back, blocking ourselves
from achieving satisfaction and fulfillment in life through our fears and
negative concepts and beliefs about ourselves or our lives.  Once you
recognize this, you can then change these limiting attitudes.
As you get more in the habit of using the process and trusting the results
it can bring you, it will soon become an integral part of your thinking
process.  It will become a continuous awareness, a state of
consciousness where you know you are the constant creator of your life,
not just along for the ride.  So make the most of it, choose the most
fulfilling lives we can for ourselves.  You are in total control of your life.
You may also find it helpful to attend Guided Visualizations that are
conducted by a facilitator.  
I write all of my own Guided Visualizations and have several topics to
choose from or you can give me a topic and your goal.  I will then write
one specifically for you or your group.  They can be for stress relief and
relaxation, to improve your health, to reach a personal goal, or even to
reach a work related goal for your team or company.
I always ask for at least 2 weeks to prepare a special guided
visualization.  Then as you learn how to proceed through a guided
visualization this will assist you along the way to being able to do your
own creative visualizations for many other positive changes in your life.

I also conduct relaxation classes called, "Stretch your Body-Stretch your
Mind" for stress relief, anxiety, high blood pressure and help with
insomnia. It's relaxing, rejuvenating, increases white blood cells that
boost your immune system so you be more productive in your life.  When
we alter the way we have been conditioned to think about stress and
anxiety we are able to create new neurological pathways that affect our
physical and psychological selves.  I use guided visualization,
affirmations and other tools to assist you in reprogramming your body to
feel healthier, be more relaxed and at peace, which restores harmony
and balance to the body. Restored health and wellness then follow.


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