Earthly Angels Healing Arts & Designs, LLC

Meet Sharon E. Withers, CRM, CTTP, MBSAP:

Hello -

I would like to share with you some information about myself so you can get to know
me better.

As a Reiki Master, Therapeutic Touch practitioner and healing Sound Therapist, Tao
Mind-Body-Soul Alignment practitioner & Transformational Mentor, I work with
people needing assistance with lowering their stress/anxiety levels, blood
pressure, or have other ailments such as insomnia and emotional co-dependency.
I also assist cancer patients who are struggling with the side effects of their
chemotherapy and radiation treatments. I work with people who are ready to release
the stuck energy held within their body that is holding them back energetically at
many levels, that is effecting their health, finances, relationships, creativity.  

I have also assisted clients with migraines, arthritis, early Alzheimer's, fibromyalgia,
endometriosis, plantar fasciitis and many other illnesses through various types of
energy work and relaxation techniques. I am also there to assist you when you are
ready to go deeper within as you embark on your spiritual healing journey. For
those who are nearing the end of the journey on this earth I also can assist them as
their End of Life Transition Guide.

I am dedicated to doing all I can to help others live life to their fullest capacity,
whatever that may be for them.  If I find that a person needs more, or different,
types of assistance than I can provide I will always try to put them in contact with
others who I feel could assist them, either in conjunction with my sessions, or as
the next step in their healing process. Your health and healing is what is foremost,
and the most important to me.

I completed my certification as Reiki Master/Teacher in the Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage
in August 2004 from the Honorable Reiki Master Teacher Darlene Pasko.
I received my certification as a Therapeutic Touch practitioner in June 2003 from
Evy Cugelman, RN, CTTP, a first generation teacher taught by the creators of
Therapeutic Touch. I completed the year-long Inca Medicine Wheel in July 2010 from
Katherine Gomez, ND, Shaman.  I also became a Gathered Master on 4/4/04 and
regularly work with the angelic realm in all of my healing/relaxation sessions and
daily life. I received my certification as Tao Soul-Mind-Body Alignment practitioner
from Dr. & Master Sha as taught through Master Avnindar Sangha in 2016.  I
continue to learn and grow, always expanding my knowledge so that I can be of
better service to my clients. There are more in depth certifications coming in the
near future that will be of great assistance to many.

I hope you will check out my services page to see what services and classes are
available. I also have Gift Certificates for my individual sessions and Bundled
Packages for your added savings.  

I welcome your feedback as you peruse the website and look forward to getting to
know you also and how I can better serve your needs.

If you have specific questions or issues you would like to discuss please send me
an email or give me a call 720-261-2412. I am always
happy to listen and assist if I can.  If I am not able to assist you in meeting your
needs I may be able to refer you to someone who can.  What is most important is
YOU and your overall health and well-being.

In Love & Light,
Sharon E. Withers, CRM, CTTP, MBSAP
(Free Spirit Walking)


Sharon's Essence as Earth Mother:
Sharon's energy is soft, kind and understated.  It is the quiet, kind power of the
feminine.  Soft and still, it is the energy one finds in a healing balm when the heart
and mind are turbulent.  She is grounded, craves it like roots, she connects to the
Earth and becomes One with it.  She is drawn to the ways of the Natives, the ways of
the earth, the dirt.  You know you can lean on her, give her your problems, your
sorrows and she will recycle them like CO2 into O2 - helping you recognize you are
exactly where you need to be, doing everything in perfect timing.  She is
introspection and quiet inward grace.

Sharon's Guidance as Earth Mother:
We often times lose connection to nature with our busy lives.
If we would all remember to just touch the earth - the plants - the rocks - we would
touch the souls of all that exists around us.
This time that we are moving into requires us to be connected energetically to a
spiritual way, to the ground and planet, we are so a part of. Sharon's essence as
Earth Mother accesses the ancient energy of all we have been, collectively, and
helps move it to all we will become.


A Reiki Master practitioner emphasizes and supports a person's inherent state of
"wholeness."  We start with the premise that everyone is always whole at the deepest
level, no matter what, even when they are missing a limb, wrestling with cancer,
emotional co-dependency, PTSD or any other issue.  As I work with clients to gain relief
I help them recognize and embrace their innate "wholeness" regardless of appearances
or even the outcome of the individual treatment. Healing is a matter of remembering
and recovering the wholeness that already IS within us. Wholeness does not equal
perfection in any way. We are already perfect in our imperfections. What is more
important is that you feel supported in an environment of compassion, acceptance and
non-judgement and it is remarkable to see the shifts that can take place in
Mind-Body-Soul.  As we have trust in our natural ability for our body to return to
balance, this is the invisible bridge that connects us to the brilliant field of Reiki
energy healing, and energy medicine as a whole.

Albert Einstein proved that we are composed of energy and energy fields that
interconnect us to all things.  As he said, "Energy is information that moves."  These
five words are very short, but also very complicated.  He proved that everything around
us, our thoughts, desires, and even the pulses of the atoms within us, communicate
with each other.  He also showed that whatever occurs in the known, and also in the
unknown world around us, creates change within us.

There are 3 types of energetic systems that make up our subtle energy body.  There are
your energy fields (the Aura) which emanates from you and flows around you; energy
channels (the Meredians) which are rivers of pure light that carry energy through you;
and the energy centers (the Chakras) which are vortexes of energy with
transformational functions.

Basically, energy medicine involves the application of the body's relationship to
electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields, along with light, sound and other forms
of energy.  The body produces these energies and also responds to these energies that
are in the environment around us.  No matter what methods of healing is used, the
primary purpose is to change, and increase, the frequency of the body's energetic
fields, Meredians, and Chakras.  By detecting and analyzing the energy imbalances in
the body through various healing modalities we are assisting the "whole" body to heal
and come into balance physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  Once these
aspects of your life are more in balance it begins to automatically affect you creatively,
financially and relationally.

In general, people tend to turn to energy medicine when they want more complete care,
when they are ready to look at all sides of their health, happiness, and how they want to
proceed into their future.  

As a Reiki Master practitioner I am trained to look for the energetic imbalances that can
lead to disease and  assist you in re-balancing your energies so your body begins to
restore its natural state of health.

There are two types of energy:
Sensory - which is physical energy & Subtle - which
involves thoughts, feelings, intuition and other energetic information within the body.  

Sensory energy moves slower and has to follow the natural law of cause and effect.  An
example of this is how germs cause a cold or flu.  
Subtle energy moves faster than the speed of light.  This energy follows the rules of
quantum physics.  There is a very important interconnection between these two types
of energy.  Sometimes we need to do something physical to stimulate the subtle
energy's movement. An example of this would be the use of a turning fork to break up
the knots in a tight muscle so the energy can flow freely once more allowing the muscle
to release and relax.  Energy is basically just information that carries a message.  
Energy medicine and Reiki helps a person open that channel and get to the message,
that can be held in the body's cells, muscles or even organs, so the body can respond
to the message and tell it to work FOR you, not against you.

It is amazing when we realize how both we and the world are composed of energy fields
that interconnect and we are all part of the greater world, rather than just individual
self-contained, self-sustaining beings.  We are then able to begin to understand why
others around us affect us and what is needed for us to make our lives better in all

In my sessions I incorporate, sometimes more than 7 different healing modalities,
according to the individual needs of that person at the time.  I have found that the use
of different modalities assist them in reaching a more relaxed state of being, whereby
their body is better able to release stress, anxiety, pain and worry, come into balance
and begin to heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

If, during the sessions we find that a deeper energetic clearing is needed, we can do
that through Tao Mind-Body-Soul Alignment sessions. MBSA can be discussed, as
needed, for the individual's commitment to their healing at a much deeper level.