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      60-min Mind-Body-Soul Alignment Sound Bath Classes
             Call for current places/times I have scheduled  
             Or you can schedule a class with friends or at your office/facility
(Minimum 8 participants)


Energy Cleansing Ceremony for Home/Office:
                                          Call for current prices - 720-261-2412

Is your home new to you?  Have many people lived there before you?  Have you
lived in the home for a long time but have gone through many traumatic situations
there? Are you starting a new home business?
If you answered yes to any of these questions then you want to consider having an
energy cleansing to remove those heavy, negative past energies so lighter, more
positive energy can flow through the space. As those heavy energies of your, or
past occupants, build up in a space they can block creativity, effect your health and
well-being.  You will notice a difference right away as that energy is released from
the space.


           "From Darkness to Light-Walking Within Your Power"
This is an inspirational, uplifting talk/webinar that shows how you can come
through the darkest of times if you believe in yourself and make the decision to not
live the rest of your life as a victim but to learn to take back your personal power.  It
is based on the personal account of my own journey as I worked my way back from
mental and physical abuse from many years ago.  Please call for more information
about having me speak to your group.