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I began to see Sharon for Reiki while I was struggling with infertility and the emotional effects of multiple miscarriages. She
provided me with healing, relaxation, and emotional support that helped me face my fears of further loss and to be able to move
forward with another round of infertility treatments, which lead to the birth of my beautiful daughter.
Sharon helped me face some very dark, hopeless days, to face them and then to move forward into the happiest days of my life.
For the rest of my life, I will be grateful for Sharon and her gifts and the part she played in helping me move past fear during my
pregnancy and helping me to bring my daughter into this world.       
Devin 10/24/2016


I came to Sharon through the suggestion of a mutual friend.  I knew about Reiki but did not have much experience with it.  I only
knew it was a powerful medium through which to help calm anxiety.
Having suffered from a great deal of emotional trauma and various types of emotional, psychological, and sexual abuse, I struggle
with high levels of anxiety due to PTSD.  This anxiety builds up and manifests with a variety of physical and emotional problems.
As soon as I began to see Sharon, I saw a dramatic decrease in my feelings of stress and anxiety.  The more I saw her, the more
my body and mind began to relax, which had a natural healing effect on my emotions. It takes no conscious effort, but the energy
balancing does all the work itself.  After sessions with Sharon I am able to think and feel much more clearly and calmly.
Sharon is not just an amazing Reiki master, but she has become a trusted confidant.  She has been a safe place for me to share
my story and receive kindness and compassion in return with no judgement.  Her empathy and compassion, as well as her work, is
a large part in my healing and recovery from emotional trauma.
I have gone on to create a blog for others who have been through trauma like me &  also recently created a short video showing the
journey of trauma to healing.   Thank you Sharon for being there for me when I have needed it the most.   
Ruthie Grace 9/2016


Meeting Sharon was an answer to prayer for me, as I had wanted to find someone in her line of work for a while, but didn't know
where to look. Fortunately, for me, we met by chance at a training session for the clinical grade essential oils that she sometimes
uses in her sessions. I am a survivor of multiple sexual assaults and as a result, suffer from PTSD.  With that comes a slew of
anxiety, depression, stress, and emotional flooding that severely impacts not just my daily life and relationships, but also my body.  
After one session with Sharon, I could tell a huge difference in my ability to connect with myself.  This has only improved with
further sessions.  Having pent-up anxiety released from my body has not only helped my body to relax, but it is also helping free my
mind enough to process more of what I am experiencing in life.  Having the anxiety released and my energy balanced helps me to
connect and focus in my therapy sessions, which greatly helps the healing process.  I'm so glad I found Sharon and I know that I
will only gain more healing through her very unique gifts.  Thank you, Sharon!    
Bethany  4/2015


Sharon is Amazing!  She came into my life when her own father was very  ill & then passed away while she was here.  Sharon
helped me deal, with understanding, the dying of my own sister.  
Bev (Jody) Snodgrass - TX 2/2015


God truly led me to Sharon's door!  She welcomed me, a complete stranger, with open arms.  I explained to her that our mutual
neighbor told me about her and that I am dealing with a recurrence of breast cancer that has now also spread to my bones.  I just
finished radiation treatments and have many aches and pains.
Immediately, when Sharon started her amazing healing session I felt weightless!  An incredible tranquil feeling came over all of me
and I knew that she was the conduit that would finish the healing God had started.  My whole body felt open to the beautiful white
light that her work just exudes!  I am positive that all of the negative energy left my whole, entire body during our session.
I am so grateful for having been sent to this Awesome Healer that I had prayed for.  She is truly one of the Angels On Earth!
Jan Knobbe  10/7/14


Today I experienced a Reiki energy session with Sharon.  I was moved and then motivated to go to the Denver Botanic gardens.  In the
guided imagery work, Sharon described arches and roses, scents and colors.  In going to the Denver Botanic Gardens, I saw it all.  She
guided me to this beauty and aesthetics. I know I am now more centered and open to new possibilities because of Sharon's work with
me.  She is a great partner in exploring the possibilities.      
Barbara D.  7/2014    


I started to see Sharon twice a month when I was diagnosed with breast cancer last  fall; I was only 40 years old and was shocked
at the diagnosis. I feel finding her at this time in my life was fate. As a pharmacist who learned only about traditional therapy and
medicine, I did not necessarily believe in energy work or healing. At first I was surprised to feel so calm, relaxed, and at peace after
a therapy session. Sharon  helped me find the warrior inside me that would fight the cancer along  with the chemotherapy. She
created a visualization I could listen to during my chemotherapy treatments that helped me concentrate on how the cancer was
leaving my body and being replaced with light and positive energy. Instead of feeling anxious during and after my chemo
treatments, I felt peaceful. I experienced severe headaches, fatigue, and depression/anxiety during the last 2 months of
chemotherapy but not only did her treatments and visualizations help with the side effects of the chemotherapy, they helped me
deal with my intense fear of dying as a result of the disease. I have continued to see Sharon after my 2 surgeries (double
mastectomy followed 3 weeks later by a lymph node dissection) and during my radiation therapy. She modified her healing therapy
based on what I needed & was capable of doing at each visit. I know that Reiki therapy has helped me during my cancer treatment
journey, both physically and spiritually.  
Thank you Sharon; healer, warrior, and friend.
Amy H.  7/2014


I went to see Sharon when I was feeling a lot of anxiety in my life. After my session with her, I was feeling calm, at peace and with a
better sense of what I needed to do with the issues that were causing me anxiety. Sharon has the gift of healing.  I whole-heartedly
recommend her services that she offers. Feeling more at peace is priceless.
Michelle T.  5/2014


Sharon takes you on an unprecedented journey into relaxation and bliss. As you expand your awareness into the art of Reiki
healing and the balancing of your Chakras, you will be eternally grateful you took this intriguing journey with Sharon. She truly is a
gifted healer!
Tana C.   4/2014


I met Sharon the summer of 2012.  I believe, with my whole heart, I was led to her by God’s hand.
I came to Colorado on a business trip to train an employee & part of her training was conducted at Sharon's home.  Immediately
upon meeting her I felt such overwhelming warmth, her maternal energy calmed me and made me feel at home and safe.  These
were feelings I was desperate to embody at that time in my life.  I knew, just by meeting her, she was special & very gifted.  As I left
Sharon’s home, she told me that she was sure we would meet again.  After leaving, the woman I was training explained that she
knew Sharon very well from their work together and that she was indeed a gifted energy worker.  Something inside of me was
sparked, to say the least.
As fate would have it, I ended up in Colorado again, a month or so later, for business and not far from Sharon.  I had just endured an
awful miscarriage and was suffering a severe kick back from years of trauma, PTSD, depression and debilitating anxiety.  Alone in
my hotel room, I fell to my knees to pray.  What happened next is so miraculous, I cry to think about it.  After praying I gathered my
purse and went outside the hotel, I opened my wallet and Sharon Withers business card fell into my lap!  I knew this was a sign
from God and I heeded his sign and called her.  Not only did Sharon welcome me into her home every day for the remainder of my
stay, she worked with me those remaining days, offering me every tool she had in her spiritual toolbox.  I remember her work with
me and feeling my soul filling with love I had denied myself.  I wept and wept and she did too.  She called on the angels and the
Divine and I felt years of pain being pulled out of my body by our work together.  There are no words to describe the transcendence
I experienced with Sharon.  She is an earthly angel who has taught me to call upon my center, my soul, Divine and the angels.  She
is a reserve of ancient soul medicine and I believe she is a gift to this world.  I strongly urge anyone, anywhere to meet with Sharon,
as she will help you change your life for the better.
Saving the best for last, while I was with Sharon I expressed to her the deep fear I had that I could possibly not become a mother,
but she assured me she felt very different and that if I waited, with faith in my heart, I would someday again be a mother.  Everything
she shared with me during those days with her has manifested in my life.

Not only will I be bringing a beautiful baby into the world in July of 2014, but the terrors she helped release from my soul have
stayed gone and I have successfully stayed off depression and anxiety medication I had been on for 10+ years.  My body became
infused with the Love and Light that this beautiful healer carries within her. God Bless you Sharon, thank you for helping me and
thank you for helping others.  You are an angel.
Kati R.  Chicago, IL  2013


I recently started Reiki Sessions with Sharon and have seldom experienced such complete balance and harmony as quickly and
fully.  Sharon is a gentle, loving and gifted individual. She takes the time to find out not only what are your immediate physical needs
but listens to what your spiritual needs are in conjunction with where you are on your life’s path. Her gentle enthusiasm to help and
assist you in achieving a better balance to your daily living leaves you with a sense not only of well-being, but that with her gift,
guidance and help you will be able to move forward to a better and healthier life. I am so grateful I have been guided to Sharon and
know that my steps of healing are being facilitated by this beautiful and gifted woman.       
Dorothy S. 2013

I was searching for a Reiki healer due to some stress in my life. Sharon is a talented healer, takes her work very seriously, and
makes her clients feel welcome and valued. I have experienced Sharon's healing Reiki energy sessions several times and the
result has been a feeling of calm and greater happiness.  
Nancy M.  2013

am still experiencing the effects of the Reiki treatment I received yesterday—Sharon made a believer out of me.  I feel full of light
and have been singing all day—what a difference from the ball of stress and anxiety I was before my first treatment.  I don’t recall
the last time I slept so deeply.  Sharon has a gift and I am glad I found her!   
Jennifer G.  2013

Many years ago I was given a coupon for a free Reiki session with a certified Reiki Master. The art of Reiki was unknown to me (as
it is to many people), and when I heard it was a form of energy work and "would align my chakras" I laughed out loud. Working in
the clinical hematology field, staunchly entrenched in traditional medicine, I found the concept of "energy work" laughable, like
hoodoo voodoo. But also being curious, and the session being free, I figured what the heck.
Well...turns out it was I who was laughable for being so arrogantly ignorant of alternative healing arts, and how effective, and
necessary, they are as adjuvants to traditional medicine. The Reiki Master's work literally blew my mind, she was eerily dead on in
her diagnosis as to where my body and mind needed healing, it was like she had read my inner spirit, and after having the session
(part massage, part visualization) I felt 1000 times healthier mentally, physically and spiritually. I was relaxed, contemplative, and
cognizantly AWAKE. All it took was that one experience and I became a true believer in Reiki's power to heal and guide.
But then my Reiki Master retired, and I (once the great skeptic, now the apostle) was left with no one. I felt like I had lost my soul
friend and spirit guide. For years I searched and searched for another authentic, certified Reiki Master, not just an amateur student
of Reiki, but a certified master who had studied in earnest and reached the expert level of dedication, empathy, deep knowledge
and healing arts. After 15 years of quacks and hacks, disheartened, I gave up my search.

And then this year (2013) came the miracle. I found Sharon! Quite by accident. I received a gift certificate for Reiki at a local spa. I
Sharon's Reiki Master Credentials, and once again thought what the heck. Praise the heavens, I had found not just a Master but
THE Master of Reiki. Sharon is a gifted guide and healer, truly a God-send.
Just like my previous master, without knowing a thing about me, she read my energy like she was reading my mind, and
immediately focused on the areas where my chakras were unwell. My main issues are deep sorrow and grief from too many
losses, and a great sense of being life weary. I came to Sharon with a broken heart and a broken soul. After one session I felt
lighter and more peaceful, but I knew I still had a lot of healing to do.
Sharon is a tremendous, remarkable healer and guide, she is a blessing. I now see Sharon every month, sometimes twice a month,
and she is my tonic, my North Star. There is no traditional medicine that can so radically lift, direct, and repair a wounded, suffering
soul. Sharon will change your life. Beautifully!      
Barbara M.   2013

Sharon is AMAZING!  I had never had energy work before and I was more than pleasantly surprised.  Sharon was kind, gentle, and
helped me unwind and learn to open up to my better self.  She not only completed the energy work with me but afterwards taught
me how to come back to a great energy space when I need re-balancing in my day to day life.  I have used her teachings many
times since my initial experience and it has greatly improved my life.  THANK YOU SHARON!    
Whitney R.  2013


My mother and I both have attended many of Sharon's "Stretch your Body-Stretch your Mind" relaxation classes, doing the gentle
stretches, progressive relaxation and guided meditation.  The experience is unbelievable!  During one of the classes I actually had  
the sensation of flying which I found exhilarating and peaceful.  Sharon has a very soothing way of instructing and guiding us on a
magical journey to all sorts of places.  My mother is in her eighties and she feels she has benefited greatly from both the gentle
stretches and the guided meditations.  Not long ago my mom brought to my attention an article she had read about showing the  
health benefits of progressive relaxation and guided meditation.  I would certainly recommend attending Sharon's classes and see  
for yourself the total relaxation and serenity that can be gained from the experience.   
Betsy G.    2012


I had been diagnosed with breast cancer.  I had worked with Sharon before for other issues so I knew I wanted her assistance as I
began my chemotherapy treatments.  I saw her the day before my chemotherapy each time and we talked about my fears as she
worked on me.  She then created a guided visualization specifically for me that I could re-visualize when I got my chemotherapy
treatment the next day.  Then at our next appointment we'd discuss any side effects that occurred and address those in various
ways.  Over time all of the side effects were alleviated and the chemotherapy treatments were just treatments that needed to be
done for my greater good, no longer filling me with fear and dread.
Sharon is always very caring, with no judgements, making sure that I get the most from each of our sessions and always available
for me even when I just need to talk to someone.  She has such an incredible gift with her hands and her heart.  I would recommend
her to anyone who is going through the scariness of chemotherapy or has other ailments.  She's a very gifted healer.  
Kim H. 2012

I am 80 years young and it is always wonderful to have therapeutic relaxation treatments from Dr. Sharon.  (My nickname for her).
I have suffered with neck pain for years, foot problems as well. I feel more relief after each session than any doctor could ever
supply in the past. I am so lucky to have her in my life and have been seeing her for over two years on a regular basis every other
Mary  2011


I am 46 years old and have just had 3 of most difficult years of my life. Two gentlemen that I cared
very much about, committed suicide and my brother died of a heart attack at the age of 47. I made a major move from Santa Fe,
New Mexico to Denver, where I lived with dear friends for 2 years, before I bought a town home. Then last May I broke my foot and it
was still very painful. I had experienced Reiki in Santa Fe, but it was not a positive experience for me.  I doubted Sharon, but my
dear friend Joyce bragged about how good she is.
I then attended a "Girls Night" at my friend’s house and had a mini session with Sharon. I told her about my negative experience as
she began working on me. It was amazing!  I felt more calm, relaxed and pain free (both emotionally and physically) than I had in
months! She concentrated on my broken foot and it felt wonderful. I experienced ONLY positive energy as she spoke and walked
me through our session.
Her "Guided Visualization" of the negative, bad energy leaving my body and the good, positive, healthy, healing energy coming in.….
I FELT IT! I have continued to practice this visualization exercise daily and I CAN FEEL the difference. I feel it in the calmness of my
nerves, in my energy, and in the healing of my body, spirit and energy. If you question it, you just have to try it!  Sharon CAN show
you the difference.         
Deborah 2011


Sharon is an amazing healer!  I have experienced a lot of different body work over the years.  Sharon is by far one of the most
outstanding talents I have ever experienced.  Sharon not only tuned into the needs of my body, she was tuned into the energy
around me.  I felt refreshed and rejuvenated.  A session with Sharon is certainly a slice of heaven!         Janet L.     2010


I have had the extreme pleasure, over the past two years, of benefiting from the tremendous talent Sharon shares.  Her
relaxing, healing touch with essential oils, combined with Reiki and Therapeutic Touch has helped me a great deal in relieving the
pain I experience with Plantar Fasciitis and back problems.  She has a great gift of healing and is very perceptive to my body's
specific needs.  Her sessions are something I truly look forward to and they are the present I give to myself each week.
Karma F.     2010


I was having a very stress-filled day!  Demands were being made of me  every where I turned.  Then I remembered that I was going
to Sharon's Lunch-n-Learn Guided Visualization and I thought that it couldn't come a moment too soon!
I was on a call that was downright depressing when someone came to tell me they were waiting for me and didn't want to start
without me.  I was able to end my call quickly and went into a room with soft, soothing music playing.  Sharon led the group by
having them close their eyes.  She proceeded with her, very well-written "Becoming the Light" presentation.  I quickly went from
chaos to calm.  Visions of wonderful moments were conjured up in my memory- visions I hadn't remembered in years.  Her words
took me soaring loftily over the city below, while I hovered in amazement at the peace and tranquility of the scenes she described.  
Open fields of horses galloping freely made me feel like I could ride them like the wind.  Colors of the rainbow were brilliantly
described and each description soothed my stress away.  Sharon would gently remind me to take a deep breath, and each time I
did, I would physically feel the stress leaving my body.  In that short 30 minute class I felt as though I had cleansed my spirit and
was able to take on the rest of the day.  In only 30 minutes Sharon turned my disastrous day into a diamond of a day!
Maureen N.   2009


My Reiki healing session with Sharon was not only relaxing but very personal.  What I experienced was relaxing, but with a total
sense of awareness about me, which just doesn't happen when I get massages.  Throughout her Reiki energy session I was so
completely in touch with my senses and relaxed that I almost fell asleep!  I felt hypnotized by the music and the scents of the oils,  
and it left me with a rejuvenated spirit.  I would easily recommend Sharon to anyone, whether you are looking for a calming,
soothing session or a meditative, in touch experience with themselves; Sharon will deliver both.          
Liz H.  2009


My guided Visualization experience was both calming and enlightening.  The journey in which Sharon took our group was both
soothing and spiritual.  There was a specific moment during the journey, which I did not voice to her at the end, when I received a
"message" from what must have been my subconscious.  I feel that moment of clarity has helped me choose the path that I had
been struggling with and had it not been for Sharon's relaxation class, I might STILL be contemplating that decision.  Thank you
Sharon for helping me to slow down long enough to open up and find that life-changing clarity I was needing at that time.       
Katie T.  2009


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